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CE4 Atomizer

CE4 Atomizer

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The CE4 Clearomizer is an atomizer and cartridge in one.

Not only that, but the CE4 Clearomizer is also made from translucent material, so you can see exactly how much liquid you have left.

What are the Benefits of Using the CE4 Clearomizer?

  • The CE4 atomizer holds more liquid than its cartridge counterpart and does not need to be refilled as often. Because users can see just how much liquid you have left, and when it will need refilling.
  • It has translucent material, tinted in different colors, which allows you to personalize their e-cigarettes.

The CE4 Clearomizer is easy to use and refill

Simply undo the mouthpiece and refill with your favorite e-liquid. No syringes or special equipment are needed. Simply refill directly from the e-liquid bottle.

  • The CE4 is compatible with a lot of electronic cigarette batteries, which makes it the most convenient choice for e-cigarette smokers.