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Cleanskins Loki 60ml

Cleanskins Loki 60ml

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Cleanskins - Loki!

A few words from the creator, Dennis Loki.

Born from a need of a true All Day Vape, I proudly present to you: Loki.

Loki has been my personal creation for over 2 years in various iterations, it has been a journey of balance and full flavour without being sickly sweet.

Simply not satisfied with any Banana Cream style vape I ventured into DIY'ing, overcame many questionable concoctions, got a few things right, refined, tweaked and ended up with this, my labour of love.

Aiming for a more realistic note than the traditional candied banana juices out there, and heaped with layer upon layer of different creams, Loki is sure to satisfy any banana fan.

Weighing in at 30% pure concentrate you'd be hard pressed to find a stronger mix, and when it comes late in the day when lesser juices fade away and your lungs fill with this thick cloud, you'll know why I insist it stays that way.

Every bottle has been pre-steeped for a minimum 8 weeks (the most of any juice made at CV Labs) to make sure you get this exactly as I intended, as with so many different concentrates present, it does change several times over the steeping process.

Now the kicker: In a bid to get Loki into as many tanks as possible, I've twisted the arms of the bean counters over at Clouded Visions and secured our the generous price point by proudly being bottled under the Cleanskin banner!

Only $15 for 60ml!